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GMP SESSIONS: Solutions for the Travel, SaaS, and eCommerce Industries

On-Demand Webinar Sessions: 

  • GMP for Travel 
  • GMP for SaaS 
  • GMP for eCommerce 

GMP is the industry standard for advertisers across the board to take their cross-channel media activation and measurement to the next level. And yet, despite its utility, many questions remain about how to best use GMP. Or worse, advertisers may not be aware of many features that could be game-changing for their strategy.

We’ve invited two GMP experts to talk about using GMP for three industries: travel, SaaS, and eCommerce. They will discuss challenges, provide examples, and offer solutions, focusing on DV360. Sign up for one, two, or all of them, and get real-life examples and solutions for the advertising obstacles you’re facing.

At Brainlabs, GMP is our bread and butter. We understand the challenges around getting the most out of your investment in technology. All too often we see the GMP stack poorly implemented and underutilized. We believe, and have proven, that these technologies can enable transformative progress and growth for our clients, and we’re here to help.

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The experts


Vic Amorim

Group VP, GMP

Will Akhurst

VP GMP & Product Innovation