GROW Towards a Better Normal

A Brainlabs Digital Solutions Summit


Whether your business is looking to manage the growth you’ve experienced this year or find inventive ways to replenish your digital marketing efforts, this summit will introduce new strategies for both sides of the coin.

The summit sessions will span a variety of topics including implementing growth tactics for SEO, driving growth through automation, and optimizing your content to increase conversions.

Can’t make it live or for the full day? No problem! Every registrant will receive access to the recording and slides after the event. 



Driving Better Conversions with Google Ads Automation 

From smart campaigns to responsive ads to automated bidding, Google provides advertisers many options to automate search campaigns. But which ones are right for you, especially in the age of COVID when PPC budgets have shrunk? And what are the best practices to follow to drive more valuable conversions with automation?

Join the search marketing experts from Brainlabs and DialogTech to get the answers. Learn how advertisers can use Google Ads automation to drive more of the right conversions, both online and over the phone.

Misunderstood Concepts at the Heart of SEO

At the foundations of SEO are concepts like crawlability, keyword relevance, and authority, but in each of these areas, there are many common misconceptions and confusing definitions. To be effective, we need to communicate with our clients and stakeholders about all of these concepts and ensure that we are all talking about the same things. In this presentation, Brainlabber Will Critchlow will show how the misconceptions arise, and help you communicate with your stakeholders about these areas with confidence.



Secrets to Know Before Launching Your Next Content Marketing Campaign

Join Megan Morreale from Taboola and Mary Hartman from Brainlabs as they uncover the secrets you need to know to move people down your content funnel. Their session will cover copywriting, design, and content recommendations to help your next campaign be more successful.