Clear and Present Data! How to report high-level analysis to the C-suite

On-Demand Webinar 

As marketers, a significant part of our jobs is presenting our findings and results in a clear and concise way. To uncover meaningful metrics, we first need to comb through lots of data. This webinar will show you how we use platforms to dig into data, and how these findings can be used to inform executive teams. 

We invited Quentin Monot, Funnel’s Solution Consultant, to speak with two of Brainlabs’ Account Directors, Danielle Gonzales and Luke Fisher, and discuss how we go about data analysis and presentation on behalf of our clients. In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to produce high-level data analysis to report to board members and executives
  • How to find solutions to marketing challenges through data analysis
  • How to guarantee the security of your company’s data when using a data analysis platform

The experts


Danielle Gonzales

Group Account Director at Brainlabs

Luke Fisher

Group Account Director at Brainlabs

Quentin Monot

Solution Consultant at Funnel